“Black Latinas are desperately needed [but] the Latin market’s hyper-racism is its own enemy,” Panamanian music historian and founder of Reggaeton Con La Gata, Kathleen Eccleston tells Teen Vogue. “The fact that Cardi B (an AfroLatina of Dominican and Trinidadian descent) is able to crossover to the Latinx market and go back and forth to the American market is proof that Black Latinas are marketable. Women drive those sales; they’re versatile and multicultural.”

“We have a problem, we want black music but we don’t want black women?” the 25-year-old asks at the beginning of the video. The clip, which is part of the show Reggaeton Con La Gata, is a testimonial account where the host speaks on the history of reggaeton, the exclusion of dark-skinned Afro-Latinas from the genre’s music videos, and her own experiences navigating Latino culture.


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